Who dies in alvarez empire arc

Fairy Tail's final season is winding down to a select few episodes as it prepares to end things for good, and the anime is bringing some major plots to a close. The crux of the Alvarez Empire arc was Zeref and his pursuit of his death at his brother Natsu's hand, and while the fight between the two came to its decisive endhe had yet to lose his life officially.

who dies in alvarez empire arc

But in the latest episode of the series, the final season took a major turn as Zeref and Mavis have finally passed on and broken the Curse of Contradiction. Episode of the series began with Zeref contemplating how he'll be able to die if even Natsu couldn't take him down, but after Mavis' tearful breakdown at his side, the two are able to put it all past them and successful die at last.

After being beaten by Natsu, Zeref was worried that Natsu's naivete would force him to take action once more. He was worried that he'd heal and pursue his death once more due to his immortal curse, but Mavis soon rushes to his side and confronts him about this. Fighting through tears, Mavis tells Zeref about how he's ruined her life and made a countless number of her friends suffer.

But at the same time, she's still in love with him. She mentions that without him, she would not have been able to have the life that she's have. She would not have started the Fairy Tail guild, but at the same time, he love with him has grown as strong as her hate for him. Pounding his chest, Mavis yells her own contradictions as she proclaims she strongly hates and loves Zeref. Now that the end really is near, she was distraught over whether she could actually finish him off, but she does so when Zeref finally understands her feelings.

Finally feeling the love of someone else, the two of them embrace one another as they begin to glow. As glowing feathers begin to rain down, a pillar of light engulfs them and the two truly, at last, pass on. Fairy Tail was originally created by Hiro Mashima for Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, running from to and selling over 60 million copies.

The series is set in a fantasy world full of magic following Natsu Dragneel, a fire breathing wizard with the powers of a dragon who is in search of his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. As he and his wizarding guild Fairy Tail get into adventures, Natsu always tries to find a way to succeed. The series was later adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures, Dentsu Inc.

A second season ran from toand the third season serves as the final one. Start the Conversation.Excellent now I can finally talk about this arc I believe that it is one of the better ones not on par with Tartaros or Tenrou but certainly in my top four. I will not deny that it had problems that held it back from being better but I will defend certain aspects that others may not like. I agree that the beginning was good and I enjoyed the arc right up until Larcade's fight and then restarted at August's fight.

When it comes to the Spriggan Twelve I agree that a number of the fights could have been better and that the rematches for the Spriggans could have been better such as Neinhart, God Serana and Bradman come to mind. Speaking of which Bradman was a Spriggan whose fight I really enjoyed the fact that he had the arsenal of Tartaros was a neat idea too bad he was incompetent and did not use the most powerful ones. But I liked his character and his abilities and his fight was one of the most memorable.

Acnologia's fight was also disappointing but also a guilty pleasure as while I would have liked to see the entire guild have a hit at Acnologia it was a treat to see all seven slayers fight him. But his defeat was a cop out and we just get a one hit kill.

The END build up was complete rubbish I mean you tease us with the idea of one of the main characters becoming a evil destructive demon and what do you do you throw the entire concept in the bin and act like just saying "I'm good" was all that was required.

Makes you wonder if Tartaros just needed to be given a frowny face sticker and then they would have turned out alright. While August had a good backstory and indeed a noteworthy fight I felt that as the man who had been built up as the king of magic he should have had a much grander battle than just Gildarts and Cana who just threw a few punches and cards and that was it before August starts his kamikaze spell.

I like August but I felt that his fight should have been more bombastic and grand. Overall I enjoyed this arc the Spriggan Twelve did a good job even if half of them had sub par fights and were removed because of rubbish reasons. But all were more enjoyable than the Zeref fight which only had one good moment and that was the death of Zeref and Mavis. Acnologia was enjoyably crazy and his destructive moments were enjoyable even if he was taken out in a very underwhelming manner.

SO a bummer that this was the last arc but the villains kept things interesting for the most part and gave the main cast more chance to develop. It also certainly made a statement that a good manga can still go off the rails during the war arc and smack every fan by saying you think this arc is sub par well start thinking again fools because this is the last arc and rethink your decisions. I enjoyed Fairy Tail and will miss it greatly but who knows perhaps Mashima will pick it up again.

I've been waiting for your review of this arc! For me, this arc is probably number 3 out of all of the arcs. Maybe just because I like War Arcs, contrary to many other people. Everything before chapter was brilliant. I enjoyed every part of it.The Seventh Guild Master: Erza Scarlet Five days after the formal restoration of the Fairy Tail Guild, the members begin construction of their new building in the crater, where their old building once stood.

Leaderless, the members propose several ideas to locate the Sixth Master, Makarov, but others do not share their optimism. Meanwhile a typical brawl erupts between the guild members, until it is interrupted by an angry Erza.

Mest then shares his memories about his undercover mission in the Magic Council. His main objective was to gain intelligence about the Western Continent, home of the Alvarez Empire, which attempted to invade Ishgar in X to obtain Lumen Histoire.

With the Council devastated as of the Fairy Tail-Tartaros War, as well as the destruction of Face, Ishgar has been left without defense from an invasion from the West, prompting Makarov to disband Fairy Tail to protect them, then depart to the Alvarez Empire in order to negotiate with their authorities and stall them as long as possible. Mest also describes the reformed Magic Council to be under pressure from the potential war threat from the West, just like their predecessors.

At the same time, Gajeel manages to overhear their conversation from ground level and comes up with a plan to reform the B Team from the Grand Magic Games and find Laxus to complete it, apparently knowing where he might be. Levy inquiries about the First God of Ishgar, God Serena, being on the side of Ishgar, only for Hyberion to state ominously that he defected to Alvarez to become a member of the personal guard of Emperor Spriggan: the Spriggan 12; whose members are on a level equal to his own.

Team Natsu attack the Imperial troops at Caracol Team Natsu sails to Alakitasia, although Mest notes that they have to make a stop at Caracole Island midway for resupply, since they need ten days to arrive at the continent. He also mentions that a spy is currently residing at the island, who might have intelligence about Alvarez.

Gajeel and Levy explain that the chances of successful infiltration of Alvarez are nearly non-existent, but the tactic of separating their teams could improve them.

Fairy Tail Confirms SPOILER's Death

Natsu and Wendy overhear that Imperials are looking for a spy, and so, the entire crew disguises themselves as members of Cait Shelter. After being inspected, the guards let them through. A child is seen going after the soldiers, crying after his father.

who dies in alvarez empire arc

After their forces are defeated, Erza notes that another ship might bring reinforcements, and that they need to prepare, while she and Natsu are casually drinking at the bar owned by a man that intends to popularize Star Mangoes in Ishgar, completely unfazed with the ruckus. Lucy attempts to summon a Celestial Spirit, but her abilities are nullified as well by theSpatial Magic. Natsu attempts to fight Marin, but he dodges his attacks and manages to land hits on both him and confused Gray, declaring himself as the ruler of space.

Meanwhile, Team B has stopped off at a hot spring which happens to be owned by Blue Pegasus. But she surprisingly ignores them, complaining about not getting a Star Mango herself. As Brandish and Marin are about to leave, Natsu complains that Mest was hurt during the last fight, so Brandish seemingly disintegrates Marin as a form of compensation, shocking the Fairy Tail mages. To prove her point, she causes the island to shrink, stranding both them and the citizens in the water before vanishing, leaving Team Natsu to contemplate the strength of their enemy after seeing this display.

The fishing fleet arrives at the former location of Caracole Island and rescues the population, with Erza helping to locate everyone. Team Natsu is then teleported by Mest to an underwater temple, directly below Caracole, revealing it as a rendezvous location with the spy.With Fairy Tail 's revival accomplished, Mest Gryder reveals the disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar 's disbanding of the guild one year ago. The Seventh Master Erza Scarlet must face her greatest challenge as the new leader, as the guild is about to stand against the most terrifying threat yet, which even the Magic Council is desperately trying, but are barely able to stop.

The military-driven Alvarez Empire from Alakitasia is poised to launch a full-scale war upon Ishgar to lay claim to Fairy Tail's secret artifact, Lumen Histoire. And to make matters worse, a familiar and ancient foe with a troublesome past intertwined with Mavis Vermillion 's own is pulling the strings, trying to fulfill his destructive agenda, all while the inscrutable danger of the deadly dragon Acnologia looms over the world.

who dies in alvarez empire arc

Five days after the formal restoration of the Fairy Tail Guildthe members begin construction of their new building in the crater where their old building once stood. Leaderless, several ideas to locate the Sixth Master are proposed; however, Levy states that they require an immediate Guild Master to complete the legal procedures for the Guild's revival. Meanwhile, a typical brawl erupts between the guild members, only to be easily broken up by Erza.

Levy instantly notes down Erza as the Seventh Guild Master, much to the latter's surprise, and the approval of a member nobody seems to remember: Mest Gryder.

100 Years Quest arc

Revealing that their former Master is in a dire situation, [1] he leads Erza to the concealed Lumen Histoireforbidding anybody else from following. The rest of Team Natsu promptly trails them, blowing their cover only upon witnessing their Guild's greatest secret.

Overlooking their disobedience, Mest then shares his memories about his undercover mission in the Magic Council.

Should Erza Have Died?

His main objective was to gain intelligence about the Western Continent, home of the Alvarez Empirewhich attempted to invade Ishgar in X to obtain Lumen Histoire, but were dissuaded by the threat of Etherion and Face.

However, the aftermath of Fairy Tail's war against Tartaros left Ishgar with no defense against another invasion, prompting Makarov to disband Fairy Tail to protect the members, then depart to the Alvarez Empire in order to negotiate with their authorities and stall them as long as possible. In order to extract Makarov from Alvarez without impeding the Guild's revival, Erza decides that only the ones present in the chamber will participate in the mission.

Mest also describes the reformed Magic Council to be under pressure from the potential war threat from the West, just like their predecessors.

who dies in alvarez empire arc

The supposedly secret dialogue is overheard by Gajeel thanks to his sharp aural senses. While there, she also witnesses three of the four Gods of IshgarWarrodWolfheim and Hyberiondiscuss the threat posed by the Alvarez Empire and the defection of Ishgar's top MageGod Serenawho is now a member of the personal guard of Emperor Spriggan : the Spriggan 12 ; whose members are on a level equal to his own.

Erza's exfil team sets sail for Alakitasiadeciding to resupply at Caracole Island and also get information from Mest's spy who is present there.

Meanwhile, as Gajeel's squad travels to find Laxus and his Thunder God TribeGajeel and Levy explain that their unit would provide support to the main team to improve the chances for a successful extraction. Back at the ship, the rescue party approaches Caracole, only to notice the Alvarez Navy in control of the island.Team Natsu embarks on the years quest to "seal" five potentially destructive Dragons in hiding known as the Five Dragon Godsall equal in standing with Acnologia.

While away the members at the guildhall are introduced to a new recruit named Toukawho garners suspicions by GajeelJuvia and an ally to the guild, Jellal. In the year X, an old man stands tearfully amidst the massacred residents of a burning village. He states that while magic is not evil, the Mages must come together in order to protect themselves.

As such, the first wizard guild in history was formed. In the present day, Max introduces three new members to the Fairy Tail guild as the current members give their gestures of welcome. However, one of the new recruits begins to speak degradingly of other guilds, causing Laxus to silence him with a lightning attack. This results in two of the new members being frightened away, although the last one remains and introduces herself as Touka.

Meanwhile, on the continent of GuiltinaTeam Natsu observes snow-like Ethernano falling from the sky as they head towards their destination: the first wizard guild in history, Magia Dragon.

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Lucy recalls that even Gildartshad been unable to complete the years quest, with the ace of Fairy Tail having previously refused to give Natsu the details of the job. However, the dragon slayer is more optimistic, confidently stating that he is with his friends. The group then arrives at the Magia Dragon guild, but the interior appears to be deserted. The dragon greets them as the 99th heros, revealing that he is the Law Dragon, Elefseriaand the client of the year quest.

Just then, Natsu and Wendy identify the dragon as a human, which he confirms by taking on the form of an elderly wizard. Flitting around the room, Elefseria explains that he is a self-taught dragon slayer similar to Acnologiaand as such has been alive for over a hundred years. He states that the previous challengers of the quest had all perished in the mission, barring Gildarts, who was heavily maimed by Acnologia.

Back in MagnoliaJuvia and Touka start a rivalry, arguing with each other over their devotion to Gray and Natsu respectively. Elefseria requests that the Fairy Tail Mages sign a written form consenting to the terms of the quest.

As Team Natsu discusses their potential desires, they approach the harbor of the Water Capital: Ermina. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Water Dragon God arc. Whiteout Mercphobia.

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They answered quickly whenever I had a question, and were very gentle and generous with answering what I am sure were obnoxious questions. I would use them to book trips again in a heartbeat. The accommodations were incredible, even had the coveted room 202 at the Vik Icelandair Hotel!.

My car and GPS were brand new, I was the 2nd person to use the car. It was an amazing trip, and when I come back I will use NV again. Excellent service from the word 'Go'.

At one point on the holiday there was a discrepancy between what was on our voucher and what the hotel thought were the arrangements for the evening meal, but after a quick e-mail from me she sorted it out there and then. Overall a great holiday experience, we were very pleased that after e-mail discussion with our consultant we changed our preferred vehicle to larger AWD type, in particular when travelling through the ice and snow.

We appreciated very much the map with hand written suggestions and all accommodation marked. The written itinerary was an excellent guide. Combined with the GPS supplied meant we did not get lost. We thought the tour was very professionally organised and we had no problems whatsoever and would certainly recommend Nordic Visitor.

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However personally we like to travel a little slower and would have liked at least one more 2 night stay in a hotel, as we felt some days seemed too long by the time we got to our accommodation. We didn't enjoy the Western Fjords as much as the rest of the country and if would recommend others to spend a similar number of days in Iceland but without visiting the Fjords. The last day we felt was a bit of a rush to get the car back in time as we had an early flight the next day.

Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

Alvarez Empire arc

We were very impressed with the efficiency of everything which Nordic Visitor organised. The accommodation was varied and very friendly. The hand- annotated road map was especially useful. We saw things which we would not have found ourselves because they had been highlighted on the map or in the itinerary.

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